Are all women “Ladies” and all men “Gentlemen”?

June 10, 2009 at 5:05 pm (Uncategorized)

Leave your comments and lets talk about it.



  1. Violet said,

    In my opinion a lady is a woman that knows how to carry herself. She is not too loud, obnoxious or unseemly. A lady knows when to be seen and when to keep a low profile. A lady is concerned about the feelings of others and strives to keep peace with all that she meets. Most importantly, a lady has a strong spiritual connection with God which helps her to keep a good reputation in the community.

    A gentleman knows how to respect others. He is sensitive to the feelings of others and does what is necessary to support his family and friends. A gentleman is not concerned so much about trying to appear “hard or tough” in front of other men. He does not mind holding the door open for a lady. A gentleman shows consideration and compassion for others. Like a Lady a gentleman has a strong spiritual connection with God.

    • kennethbutler said,

      Does anyone else have an opinion about this?

  2. Cassandra said,

    I don’t thinkt that to be true in all cases, – We are all born women, but not every woman has an example of how ‘ladies’ are to act, so that everyone will see the true lady within. Not every little girl grew up listening to ‘grandmother’ when she told us and tried to show us how real ladies should act in public. Ladies show the younger girls the more feminine responsibilities that all woman should possess, but with TV raising alot of the younger generations of girls-not all girls will be able to SEE how ‘ladies’ are to act. or to be treated for that matter.

    Now as far as men- A true gentleman is HARD to find this day and time.
    Men ……….
    what can be said. I can only go by what I have experienced, and without men having true examples before them, there are not any or VERY FEW “Gentlemen” to be found. Seems like they have carried the hurt and anger of having to do manly responsibilties that they “GENTLEMEN” are few and hard to find. Not all men are ‘gentle’men.

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